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E-Blue Mazer EMS642 Optical Gaming Mouse Review

Introduction Picking the right gaming mouse can be a tricky task, we all know what kind of features we would like, but more often than not, the commanding aspect ...

7 hours ago

Ozone Announces The Neon 3K Gaming Mouse

Ozone is one of the most respected peripheral manufacturers in the industry and works alongside eSport professionals to design reliable hardware. Devices like the Neon have ...

12 hours ago

PNY Launches GTX 950 And 960 XLR8 OC GPUs

Despite the incredibly close arrival of NVIDIA's latest architecture, there's still lots of value in the current line-up. This is especially the case on more affordable ...

12 hours ago

Latest Hitman Update Breaks DirectX 12 Support

The Hitman franchise quickly became a firm favourite among stealth fans due to the tense missions and non-lethal takedowns. Over the years, players have been entertained ...

13 hours ago

AMD Spins Off Assembly and Testing Divison

AMD has been starting a whole bunch of joint ventures as of late. After creating a joint venture earlier in the year to make x86 servers for China and licence their IP, ...

14 hours ago

Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim 1TB USB 3.0 HDD Review

Introduction Today's review is especially for the people who like to take their storage with them where ever they go and for those that otherwise need a lot of ...

15 hours ago

Microsoft Will Unveil Xbox One Refresh at E3

Nearly three years after the Xbox One and PS4 were first announced, we are hitting the mark for our mid-cycle refresh. Usually, Sony and Microsoft tend to release a slim ...

15 hours ago

AMD Polaris 11 Powers R9 M480

After a very lengthy relationship with the original GCN architecture, AMD is set to move on later this year. Polaris has been billed as the next-generation architecture, ...

16 hours ago
AMD RTG Logo Radeon Technologies Group GPU

AMD Positions Polaris as Mainstream Offerings

One of the biggest questions we having going into May is how Pascal and Polaris will stack up. As the latest iteration of the long-standing battle between Nvidia and AMD, ...

17 hours ago
NVIDIA Pascal MSI GTX 1080 GP104 400

Expect Nvidia Pascal Retail Availability Very Soon

With only a month to go till the official launch of Pascal, Nvidia is getting busy behind the scenes getting ready. Next week, Nvidia is finally holding their private ...

17 hours ago

AMD Polaris 10 and 11 Benchmarks Leaked

With less than a month to go till the launch, all eyes are peeled for leaks about AMD's upcoming graphics cards. Kicking off the latest generation of 14nm FinFET GPUs ...

18 hours ago

Large Hadron Collider Taken Offline by Weasel!

The Large Hadron Collider at CERN is the world's most powerful particle accelerator and now this vast and complex piece of scientific equipment has been forced to shut ...

1 day ago
ASRock DeskMini

ASRock’s DeskMini Is The World’s Smallest Upgradable System

Small and compact systems are not really anything new, we have had them for years. However, what is new, is the ability to upgrade all parts of these small systems the ...

1 day ago
AOC Reveals AGON Series AG271QX Gaming Monitor (2)

AOC Reveals AGON Series AG271QX Gaming Monitor

AOC has unveiled its AGON Series of gaming monitors not too long ago, and the first product to be a part of this gaming line is the 27" (68.6 cm) AG271QX model. This ...

1 day ago

HP Announces The Chromebook 13

The Google Chromebook is a fascinating project which revolves around the company's cloud-based operating system. Instead of using local storage, all your files including ...

1 day ago

BIOSTAR Announces The H110MH Pro D4 Motherboard

BIOSTAR produces a huge range of motherboards and caters towards the budget sector in a superb manner. Their latest creation, the H110MH Pro D4 is built on the H110 ...

1 day ago
alphabet word's most valuable company

Google Building New Hardware Division

Every large company tends to see major shakeups every know and them, with divisions being closed and opened left and right. Google is no stranger to that, with multiple ...

1 day ago

Elon Musk Wants AIs to Compete in a New Challenge: Atari High Scores

Elon Musk may be known for his leading roles in both SpaceX and Tesla, but Musk also founded OpenAI alongside Sam Altman and others. This non-profit company seeks to ...

1 day ago

Tesla’s Autopilot Called a ‘Wannabe’ by Volvo Autonomous Car Engineer

There is a lot of competition when it comes to autonomous cars, countless companies are all vying to provide the best self-driving vehicle possible. Tesla may have an edge ...

1 day ago
witcher 3 blood and wine (4)

New Witcher 3 Region as Big as Skellige and Has Improved Visuals

Those of you who have already spent some time exploring The Witcher 3 know very well that Skellige is a big region. It actually includes 6 islands located off the coast ...

2 days ago

Apple Could Be Making A Way For Your Contacts To See Your Autocorrect Mistakes

When it comes to texting these days, we often make mistakes for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we are just unsure of how a word is spelt and sometimes no matter how hard ...

2 days ago

Cortana Search Box Will Now Only Use Bing and Edge

In recent years, Microsoft has been less than subtle with the ways they push their products onto people. From the auto installation of windows 10 components to the ...

2 days ago

Cyber Police Ransomware Demands Payment In iTunes Gift Cards

When it comes to the latest in viruses, ransomware is the next big thing for viruses. Ransomware benefits the hackers by encrypting all of your files until you pay the ...

2 days ago

Viruses Found Inside German Nuclear Plant

We've all had that scare when we've discovered a virus on our computer, either from a scan or a popup or unwanted behaviour on your computer. Now imagine if your computer ...

2 days ago

Phanteks Launches Evolv ATX Tempered Glass Edition

Phanteks has consistently created a number of innovate chassis designs and set a new standard for other manufacturers to try and emulate. For example, the Phanteks Enthoo ...

2 days ago